The Sun Enters Virgo: Purification and Process

The Sun Enters Virgo: Purification and Process
When the Sun leaves the playground of Leo on August 22 to head into the grounded, practical terrain of Virgo, your self-expression will shift from childlike enthusiasm to a more mature phase of planning and preparation. You can also expect the urge to detox and purify to kick in under Virgo's influence!

Virgo is famous for bringing chaos to otherwise pristine processes, so this solar transit will be all about refining and streamlining as you go about the daily pursuit of perfection. Virgo's critical and analytical energy is excellent for problem-solving and finding ways to make everything better and more efficient.

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Furthermore, Virgo is the sign of health and well-being, so you may find yourself focused on getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthier diet during the Sun's upcoming transit. This is a terrific time to make plans, work out details, and get rid of all of the junk in your head, heart, and home.

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The downside to this transit is the real possibility of becoming obsessed with work, or falling into the trap of perfectionism. If you're already to prone to such problems, you may want to remind yourself to seek balance before your nervous system crashes; indeed, amping up your coffee intake will only make things worse. Burnout is all too common as the frenzy of the busy Virgo Sun kicks in and you get into a back-to-school mindset -- whether you're a student or not.

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