The Sun in Scorpio: Time to Transform!

The Sun in Scorpio: Time to Transform!
Earlier this week, on October 22, the Sun entered the dark and mysterious waters of Scorpio, setting the stage for a yearly psychological shedding -- if not a complete metamorphosis!

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, so naturally, your most stubborn emotional patterns (possessiveness, jealousy, control issues) tend to become highlighted during this solar phase. Of course, no one would happily admit to falling prey to these shadow aspects of human nature. Yet, these little psychological goblins tend to rear their ugly heads at this time, regardless of the Sun sign under which you were born.

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However, if you're able to embrace the monsters within and get to their insecure roots, you're likely to uncover tremendous strength and emotional resourcefulness, rather than projecting your darker side onto others (especially your significant other!). In short, Scorpio gives you the courage and impetus to tackle this sort of dirty work.

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There's a chrysalis that occurs during the Sun-in-Scorpio phase when you're asked to examine your own darkness. Now is the time to summon your emotional courage and delve into all the scary and unknown parts of your inner world so you can transform your inner darkness into light. Renewal is at your fingertips right now, and this can be a time of tremendous rebirth. Take advantage!

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