Your Sun Sign's Best New Year's Resolutions

Your Sun Sign's Best New Year's Resolutions
It's a brand new year -- time to start fresh, break away from bad habits, and turn around stalemated lifestyle situations. By examining what the stars have in store for you in 2014, you can target problem areas and work effectively to make profound changes in your life. Read on for your Sun sign's best New Year's resolutions!

Learn how to control your anger so you avoid blowing your lid at family, colleagues, and lovers. No matter how anyone else treats you, verbal (let along physical) aggression should never be a viable response. Learn healthier ways to deal with confrontation. Also, continue to focus on your career ambitions and solidify your financial independence!

Loosen up around your partner and re-introduce some passion into your relationship. While the fulfillment of duty and obligation is a noble attribute in a significant other, a little fun and flirtiness never hurts as well. Singles should stop brooding and lighten up -- a smile on your face will more easily attract an upbeat partner instead of dull, straight-faced types. Your current focus on your love life is making you a flaky friend, so make an effort to be more reliable and considerate to those in your social circle.

You're solid financially, but don't use it to control those around you; otherwise, shaky friendships could run the risk of ceasing to exist altogether. Keep intimacy and money separate, or you may find yourself with a partner only because you can't afford to be on your own -- or worse yet, because that's the only reason your lover has to stay with you. Continue to meet new people, but also make a stronger effort to be more reliable to existing friends. Get out and search for true love in the first half of year. This is also a great year to get physically fit: You'll find it relatively easy to stick to a new eating pattern or exercise regimen.

Stop getting sucked into endless power struggles with partners; rather, learn how to stand up for yourself and be sure to set boundaries. Make room for spontaneous romance instead of constantly focusing on commitment and duties. Be careful about coming off as a selfish egomaniac to those around you. Your work life has been enmeshed in constant change, so try to create a more consistent professional environment as you follow up on any opportunities for advancement that come your way. Come the the second half of year, focus on earning and saving money instead of simply spending it.

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Focus on yourself and your needs. Make an effort to create a perfect home base for yourself, perhaps by securing an apartment in your favorite neighborhood. If it's time to renovate your digs or move in with someone (or move out), do it! Feeling grounded in the physical realm will lead to a metaphysical blossoming and sense of total rebirth by summer.

Don't waste your time feeding energy vampires in your love life. If you're in a committed relationship, watch for deception, manipulation, and controlling behavior on the part of your partner. Go out and make new open-minded, generous, supportive friends, and cut off the judgmental, self-righteous ones that cut you down to feel better about themselves. Save your advice, friendship, and love for those who truly merit it!

Stop wasting your time dealing with a flaky partner or domineering home situation. If you have a roommate, live-in family member, or lover who firmly controls the homestead, get out and search for a new place to live -- preferably on your own. Unreliable partners or a constantly shifting love life can drain energy away from your career, possibly resulting in lower earnings. If you can focus on work, however, your financial situation will improve by the end of the year.

Resolve to lighten up. Things really aren't that bad, so if you can quit brooding, you'll avoid verbal outbursts aimed at your closest confidantes. Become focused on your physical health and take a steady approach to your physical upkeep. Stick to good nutrition and steady exercise instead of yo-yo'ing between laziness and activity, or binging and dieting. Pay more attention to your career, for you're reaching a 12-year peak in terms of professional success; remember, you have to work to earn it! It's also a great time to begin a new eating regimen -- you'll have the discipline to do so this year.

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Have you had a tendency to isolate yourself socially in recent times, perhaps because you're unconsciously spending more time at home or you've become further involved with family members? This year, get out more and widen your social circle beyond your immediate kin. Meeting new people in the first half of the year will re-invigorate and inspire you by the second half of the year, encouraging you to live more, travel more, or even go back to school. Stop obsessing over making money and using it to impress the opposite sex -- otherwise, you're apt to end up with gold-diggers.

Stop trying to control others around you -- family, lovers, friends, work colleagues -- or you're bound to find yourself surrounded by a never-ending stream of rebellion. Learn how to listen and let go, as well as respect the boundaries and rights of others. Try to gain more assertiveness by learning the art of direct communication. Say goodbye to friends who limit your worldview, for while you're conservative by nature, much of your current social company is too brittle and uptight -- even for you. Work hard during the first half of the year, as you're at a 12-year peak in your arc of career success. And finally, be sure to not ignore those you love!

It's time to deal with your psychological demons so you can stop erupting over suppressed resentments. See a therapist or read self-help books. Bursting out in an endless barrage of temper tantrums can alienate you from valuable people in your life. Try to learn to control your tongue by taking verbal time-outs. Get yourself in shape physically during the first half of the year. Work with determination -- even if success seems slow -- for even if you don't see immediate results, you'll be cementing your talent and building your reputation. Come summer, focus on finding true love and you may to be swept away into a scintillating romance!

Resolve to get your finances under control this year. You've been on an earnings roller coaster ride, but new opportunities are out there from what may initially seem like unlikely sources. Get out there and network as you follow up on all career possibilities. Cut up your credit cards and don't take on any new debt. Instead, restructure existing debt and pay down (or off!) as much as possible, especially during first half of the year. Don't put up with bullying friends -- and certainly don't be a bully yourself! Finally, try to rekindle old romances or find new love throughout the first half of the year; once the second half rolls around, direct your energy toward getting into better physical shape.

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