How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Commit to Your 2012 Resolutions!

How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Commit To Your 2012 Resolutions!
What's the one resolution the stars are urging you to live up to this year? Find out where to focus your energy in 2012 -- you owe it to yourself!

With Uranus in your own sign, you'll want to commit to fearlessly forging new ground. Arm yourself with the confidence that you're one of the very first to do what you do in a unique and experimental way ... and stick to your guns!

With Jupiter in your sign for the first half of 2012, it's time to focus on broadening your horizons. If your resolution involves travel, consciousness expansion or higher education, your Taurus tenacity will kick in without a hitch.

With Jupiter and Venus spending a good majority of 2012 in your stars, commit to working with your brilliant monkey mind instead of against it. Meditation, writing and all forms of constructive mental activity are encouraged. Make it a discipline!

Make this the year you emerge from your shell and mingle like the extrovert you always knew you could be. Enough with the domestic routine -- it's time to put yourself out on the social scene!

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Make crystal-clear communication your top priority in 2012. Let go of any wavering, uncertainty and passive-aggressive tactics you may have used in the past to get your points across. If you're unsure of what your intention is, don't speak until you know exactly what you want to convey.

With Mars going retrograde in your sign for the first chunk of 2012, your best bet is to revamp your workaholic tendencies. Rather than wait for your health to force you to rest, take a breather when you want to.

This is your year to finally move beyond your commitment-phobia! For your sanity's sake, make up your mind in 2012 on at least one important issue in your life. Your self-esteem and health depend on your ability to stay the course.

This is your make-or-break year -- and don't let the break be your own back. It's time to finally make time for yourself! You've worked yourself to the bone far too long without an intermission. Remember: Rest is a necessity, not a luxury.

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This year, the planets encourage you to revamp your approach to your daily grind. A streamlining process is in order -- no more biting off more than you can chew! Let 2012 be the year you finally create a manageable -- and relatively stress-free -- lifestyle.

Make 2012 the year you finally make the switch from career mogul to diehard romantic. Make love your goal at the expense of any other agendas. After all, all work and no play makes Capricorn one dull Goat.

Now that Neptune is leaving your stars in 2012, you'll finally be able to live in the present more easily. In fact, you now possess the supreme blessing to not only commit to anything, but to enjoy more success than you've had in years. This is a watershed year during which you'll find your willpower once again!

Focus on living exclusively by the dictates of your soul this year. With dreamy and spiritual Neptune entering your constellation for the next 12 years, this is just the tip of one fabulously soul-stirring iceberg. No longer will you settle for the humdrum daily grind.

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