Susan Boyle talks fame and working with her lifelong idol Donny Osmond

Susan Boyle has been on the rise ever since she won Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009. Having sold over 18 million albums in just three years, Susan recently released her 4th album, Standing Ovation, which showcases her love of musical theater (her favorite Broadway musical is the iconic Les Misérables). When Susan stopped by The Shine, we got the chance to talk with the international superstar about fame, her new album, and what it was like to work with her idol Donny Osmond.

Standing Ovation is a magnificent compilation of some of the most beloved tunes from musical theater, featuring amazing renditions of “Send in the Clowns”, “Bring Him Home,”, and “The Winner Takes It All”. In addition to duets with Donny Osmond, Susan also showcases a duet with the “Phantom” himself Michael Crawford. Without a doubt, Standing Ovation is a great album to add some joy to your home this holiday season.

When asked about fame, Susan says becoming famous came as a “very pleasant surprise”. She says nobody knows how to deal with it initially, and when she’s up on stage, it’s like being in her own little bubble. Has fame brought Susan happiness? She’s says that’s it brought her happiness in the sense that it’s given her a job that she loves.

On the new album, Susan collaborated with her longtime idol Donny Osmond on two tracks: “All I Ask Of You” and “This Is The Moment”.  She says they had very good chemistry and had a lot of fun together: "It was awesome. It really was really helpful and it put me at my ease.” So how did Susan get the amazing opportunity to work with someone she has for so long admired? Donny actually reached out to Susan’s manager, the two met, and then before you knew it, they were in the recording studio. The first duet the two collaborated on, “All I Ask Of You” was actually Simon Cowell’s idea, and Donny’s wife came up with the 2nd track, “This Is The Moment”.

Have you been following Susan's career? We've been so inspired by her story. What singer, actor, or celebrity has inspired you?