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Type your post into the "Text Body" box. Once your post has been entered, you can bold, underline, or italicize words using the icons at the top of the template.

You can insert hyperlinks or image using the "Insert Item" tools. To create a link in your text, highlight the word or phrase you'd like to link, hit the link button from the menu, enter your URL, and then close the link tool. To add an image to the body of your content, move your cursor to the place where you would like your image to be inserted and click the image button. Be sure to upload only personal images or images you have the licensed rights to use.

If you know basic HTML, you can use the HTML tool to manually edit the formatting of your content (including the placement and size of any embedded images).

To embed a video, click on the HTML icon at the top of the blogging template and paste the video embed code where you want the video to appear in the post.