Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Thankful

Family time is calling us together, as the cold wind of November brings us another day to be thankful for. When we see our mothers pull the turkey from the oven on Thanksgiving Day we can't help but think how tasty and delicious it will be. Our stomachs start to warm just from the thought of another bite of Grandma's blueberry cobbler. She always told me that desert came last, and I had the nerve to tell her that last is first in my book, as I scooped an oversized spoonful into my mouth. Tasty and delicious I would say, as she stared at me in disbelief. Kissing her warmly on the cheek, and leaving a bite size bit of blueberry, and sugary crust, I would step away and hale the day. For it was a grand day. I felt as if life was just beginning. Love illuminated through the house, and arriving dinner guests felt it too. They would step through our front door, with a lightness that spread like a wildflower after spring rains. Sweeping around on the wooden floor, they let their winter jackets fall, and fold into my outstretched arms. After hanging the coats underneath the stairwell, I joined everyone around the feast filled dinner table. Our thanks were given with all sincerity of heart, and afterwards our plates were piled high with the delicacies that surrounded us. Be thankful this season for anything and everything you receive. Be thankful for the gift of family and friends, and most of all be thankful for the love of those who surround you.