They're All Over the Home Catalogs…Now Make a Vertical Garden Be Yours, Too

Don't have space for sprawling greenery? Designer Ghada Dergham shares her simple tips for creating one of these compact displays. REBDOOK.

Step 1
Gather your supplies. You'll need:
• One sheet of pressure-treated (PT) wood, cut to the desired size of your garden
• Two-by-four plywood used to make the frame
• Lattice, cut to the desired size of your garden
• Vapor cloth, at least one-foot larger than size of the box
• Burlap, at least one-foot larger than size of the box
• Fasteners and wood screws (about one screw and fastener for every six inches of garden)
• Staple gun, used to affix the vapor cloth and burlap to the box

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Step 2
"Vertical gardens are beautiful pieces of living art," Dergham says. To create your own, start by measuring out a space for your garden and gathering your supplies. Build the boxes as shown using the two-by-four pieces of plywood and the PT wood.

Step 3
Place the vapor cloth inside of the box and secure all four corners using a staple gun. Add extra staples as necessary, making sure the cloth is tight.

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Step 4
Lay the burlap over the entire box and secure with a staple gun, making sure to remove all slack. Once secure, attach the lattice to the frame using the fasteners and screws.

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Step 5
Choose your plants: "I like to use plants that require misting instead of heavy watering," says Dergham. "This will make it easier to bring the wall indoors without worrying about excess water making a mess inside." Dergham created this lush garden using bromeliads, two varieties of ferns, calatheas, and succulents.

Install the plants: Plants are installed into the wall while still in the pot, so there won't be a need for additional soil. Start by pre-cutting holes into the burlap and pushing pots into the slats. Not all slats will be filled, so Dergham warns not to pre-cut the burlap.

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