Top AUTO Tips Before the Summer Trips

Audra FordinAudra Fordin

9 important auto - know abouts, to keep you from breaking down this summer!

1) Check your battery

We all think of Batteries not starting the car in the winter. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the freezing cold, waiting for a friend to come to the rescue with jumper cables or stuck waiting for a tow.

In the summer, a lot of cars come in for batteries too, but having to spend more time at the beach does not have the same frost bitten effect as the freezing cold.

The heat causes the chemical reaction to happen more quickly.

2) Check ALL the Fluids in your car

Once you open the hood of your car, why not look at all of the fluids? Your there, might as well. Fluids that run the systems of your car, power steering, transmission, motor, coolant, brake, and differential fluids, are all "sealed". This means they are not supposed to leak or disappear (with the exception of washer fluid) If any fluids seem low, bring the car to your trusted auto shop to have it checked out.

3) Filters are for filtering

If a filter is clogged, its can not perform optimally. Replace oil, transmission, air, cabin and PCV filters, when they get dirty.

4) Belts and Hoses Crack!

When rubber belts and hoses degrade over time, they naturally get brittle and crack, bulge, tear, and shreds. All of this is visible when you look at them. Take a peek. If they seem to be lookin' like "im gonna get you stuck on the road" real soon… Replace them

5) Keep Water in your trunk!

Its 95′ outside, Need I say more?

6) The car is HOT

When has been parked, even for a short amount of time, it builds up intense heat. The temperature inside the car can increase up to 20′ more than the outside temperature. 10′ every 20 minutes. Small children's body temperature also heats up faster than an adult, as well as pets. No one should stay in the car on hot days like today. It can be fatal!

7) Plastic Stinks

The heat inside causes toxins to build up from the seats and dashboard. Allow the air to leave the car, and new air to come in when you open the car door.

Tire Pressure needs to be Perfect!

Too much inflation = not enough grip of the tire tread to the ground (leads to hydroplaning)

Too little air = the sidewalls of the tire to bulge (leads to blowouts)

9)Vision is Very Important

Sticky tree sap will cause streaking when its stuck to your windshield wiper blades (say that 10 times fast). Its more than annoying, its very difficult see through. Replace your wipers blades when they are not working well.

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