Tuck Me In: 7 Cupboard Beds for Kids

7 Cupboard Beds for Kids7 Cupboard Beds for KidsChildren love finding secret nooks where they can hide and play. Imagine how much easier bedtime would be if going to sleep felt like just as much of an adventure. These 7 whimsical cupboard beds are a cozy way to keep kids tucked in and excited for nighttime. Sweet dreams, indeed!

Gypsy Wagon Gypsy Wagon 1. Gypsy Wagon
Sleepy trails to you... This super fun cupboard bed available from Netherlands-based store Kid Factory is great inspiration for an adventurous DIY project!

Swedish Cupboard Bed Swedish Cupboard Bed 2. Swedish Cupboard Bed
This Swedish-inspired cupboard bed is located in the historic home of painter Karen Jenson in Milan, Minnesota. The room is painted blue, and a mural on the inside of the cupboard bed makes this sleeping nook a work of art.

Colorful Cupboard Bed Colorful Cupboard Bed 3. Colorful Cupboard Bed
This cupboard bed makes the room pop with colorful shutter doors and built-in drawers. Who could resist such stylish storage?

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Simple Cupboard Bed Simple Cupboard Bed 4. Simple Cupboard Bed
Cupboard beds don't have to be overly ornate -- or fully enclosed -- to impress kids. This simple solution pairs a wooden platform with three-way curtains.

Rolling Cupboard Bed Rolling Cupboard Bed 5. Rolling Cupboard Bed
The wheels on this cupboard bed make for easy room rearrangement. Don't be surprised if kids also want to pretend this bed in a car.

Bedtime Bedstead Bedtime Bedstead 6. Bedtime Bedstead
Girls can close the windowed doors to this cupboard bed for some peace and quiet while reading in bed or to make more room to play once the day begins. The built-in lights and under-bed drawers are a clever bonus.

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Rustic Cupboard Bed Rustic Cupboard Bed 7. Rustic Cupboard Bed
How rustic is this wooden cupboard bed? Well, it's in a yurt in the U.K. But it would look just as sweet in a little girl's bedroom in a house or apartment.

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