How to Turn a Picture Frame into a Magnet Board

How to Turn a Picture Frame into a Magnet BoardHow to Turn a Picture Frame into a Magnet BoardI just finished a bedroom redo for my daughter. The challenge was to make her basement room seem brighter and more inviting. I also wanted to make a place in her room where she can display pictures of her friends and mementos. My solution: picture frame magnet boards on one side of her wardrobe.

This is an easy project -- it only takes 5 steps. You can use new frames or frames you already have. You can use frames of any shape or size. Just follow the steps below:

1. Paint the frames.

2. Once the frames are painted, measure the space inside of the frame and cut a piece of metal sheeting that size with heavy-duty scissors or tin snips. You can buy magnetic metal sheeting in rolls or big sheets from the roofing and heating section of your local hardware store.

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3. If you want to make the magnet boards a little more colorful, like I did, you can adhere scrapbook paper to the top of the metal sheets. I just used scrapbook adhesive.

4. Pop the paper-covered metal into the frame.

The finished productThe finished product5. Use nails or 3M picture hanging strips to hang up the magnetic boards.

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This project makes such a big impact is so few steps. Where would you display a magnet board?

- By Jennifer Hadfield
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