The 7 Best Places to Find Coupons

The best places to find couponsThe best places to find couponsI'm getting back into the coupon game after a bout of deals fatigue. That means I'm going to need some coupons! I've been buying the Sunday newspaper again, scouting the grocery store for coupons, and saving the ones that come in the mail. I've been amazed, yet again, at how many opportunities for grocery coupons there are out there. If you're looking to get started, here are the 7 great places to find coupons:

Sunday NewspaperSunday Newspaper1.Sunday Newspaper

This is the most common place to find manufacturer's coupons. The magazine-style inserts come in the Sunday paper almost every week. You can buy a Sunday paper at Dollar Tree all week, choose a discount newspaper subscription or check with your local paper for other options. I have a "shopper guide" delivered every Sunday for free, including store ads and coupon inserts.

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In the MailIn the Mail2. In the Mail

Don't forget to go through your junk mail - you'll find restaurant coupons, grocery coupons, and more savings. My favorite grocery store sends coupon packets and magazines all the time - meant just for me, based on the purchases I make with my loyalty card. The savings can really add up, so be sure you aren't tossing it!

Online CouponingOnline Couponing3. Online Coupons

Printable coupons and e-coupons are perfect for saving money on groceries, without spending a lot of time on couponing.

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In StoresIn Stores4. In Stores

Watch for blinky machines, special packages, and sample stations throughout the store for extra coupons. You can also find more savings through coupon machines at the register.

FacebookFacebook5. Facebook

This has become a huge source of savings for me - freebies, deals, and printable coupons are offered by brands, stores, and restaurants every day. Like your favorites on Facebook, then watch for coupon offers.

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Store WebsitesStore Websites6. Store Websites

Many grocery retailers have store coupons available on their website. You may be able to print coupons or sign up for a digital savings program.

MagazinesMagazines7. Magazines

You'll find coupons throughout some of your favorite magazines. My favorite? Buy All You magazine - it is chock full of coupons every single month!

- By Heather Sokol
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