Virgo Full Moon: Progress, Not Perfection

Virgo Full Moon: Progress, Not Perfection
A full Moon is a time of clarity and insight, as the lunar orb shines light on darkness. Today's full Moon is in detail-oriented, solitude-loving Virgo, and you may find yourself wanting to work alone on a project -- or having to go solo when you'd expected help.

Virgo is a remarkably self-sufficient sign, so you're likely to discover just how much you're capable of now. It's also a sign that's about hands-on service and taking care of loved ones, so this is no time to shirk your responsibilities! The gift of a Virgo full Moon is that it helps you learn how to be as productive as possible. Streamlining your schedule may also bring relief.

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Virgos tend to be perfectionists, so this full Moon might bring insecurities to the surface. Rather than internalizing fears, share them with a trusted friend, co-worker, or family member. You'll be surprised how much is revealed as you offload.

Today's full Moon also includes a strong connection with lucky Jupiter, something that presents many opportunities ... but also makes you vulnerable to overextending yourself. The light of the full Moon helps you see what you've been missing. If you can step away from areas where you've taken on too much, you'll discover the energy you need to power through the projects that matter most.

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Most importantly, keep your expectations in check during this ambitious Virgo full Moon. Prioritize celebrating progress rather than perfection. If you do, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back for all your achievements!

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