Welcome the Chinese New Year with Fabulous Faux Lanterns

Paper lanterns make a great addition to your party.Paper lanterns make a great addition to your party.The holidays aren't over yet - the Chinese New Year is almost here! Ring in the Year of the Horse on Jan. 31 with these stylish paper lanterns. Even though they aren't meant to be lit, they'll make great additions to your party décor.

What You'll Need

Paper Lantern Printable Template
Tape or glue
Hole punch

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1. Print out the lantern and cut it out. Make the appropriate cuts along the sold grey lines at each tab.

2. Fold all dashed lines away from you.

3. Starting at one end of the lantern, glue or tape each tab to the back of the opposite panel. Continue down the lantern. Complete the lantern's shape by gluing or taping the end tabs to the opposite end of the lantern.

4. Punch two holes at the top of the lantern where indicated with dark circles. Cut a small amount of string and tie each end to a hole. You can hang a single lantern or you can tie several lanterns to a long ribbon or string for a festive collection of lanterns.

Do not place a flame or light inside the lanterns.

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