Welcome to the Excesses of Sagittarius

Welcome to the Excesses of Sagittarius
Feeling like you can hardly get your fill? Now that the Sun has entered the bold, expansive sign of Sagittarius, an intense hunger (both literal and metaphorical) is likely to set in. This is why you're more likely to eat until your belt is too tight on Thanksgiving, for this is a holiday that falls right at the heart of Sagittarius season. However, you may find yourself wanting more than just pumpkin pie over the next several weeks!

Sagittarius, the sign of irrational exuberance, can cause you to want more than you really need. That's why the Christmas shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier each year -- retail outlets know how to toy with your desires.

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Sagittarius, however, will not ask you to scrimp and save; instead, it will drive you to push your credit limit as far as it will go. The hard-work phase of the year doesn't arrive until January, well after the Sun enters Capricorn ... so for now, it's the mall or bust! This is indeed a fun and hedonistic time of year, during which you'll really want that new dress for your office holiday party -- and, oh yes, you'll need those cute booties as well.

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Still, try to remind yourself to take a break from the spending frenzy once in a while. Make time to enjoy humor and fun with others, and you should definitely get your fill of rollicking family time in as well. Take care to not spend your last penny and suffer for it!

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