Where is My Cell Phone?

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would have been carrying a phone around with me everywhere I would have laughed and asked why. That prophecy has come true but I still do not know why. There are only a few people that call me and only half of them I want to answer. So why do I carry my cell phone? I imagine it is because everyone else does, and being attached to the rest of the world in an instant becomes a habit.

I lived over half of my life without a phone in my purse or pocket and never felt anything was missing. I can remember waiting in line at different places to use a pay phone or even running next door to borrow a neighbor's phone when mine was not working. Most of us never felt the need to have our hands around a phone whenever we left the house. I remember as a young girl coming in from school and asking my Mother if a certain boy had called me. Today, young girls get those calls before they even leave school, but not in verbal communication, more likely in text. Texting is the new thing. Even my 83-year-old Mother has learned to text. We, as a new world, have no time to carry on a conversation with one another so we text in a very abbreviated manner of speaking

The main problem that bothers me with cell phones is that I am always losing mine.I leave it in the car, drop it in my laundry basket or find it hidden underneath whatever. One good thing about the old phones is that they were attached to your wall and you never lost it. I really miss that. To break my habit,I have tried to leave my cell at home many times but much later I receive angry messages from family and friends who have tried to call me. Perhaps I am too much of a recluse to be tethered to the rest of the world at a moments notice. But, then, sometimes I find myself using it when I really need to speak with a friend or family member and I am happy to have it. Maybe I can figure out a way to tie my phone around my neck.