8 Creative Ways to Organize Toys

8 Toy Storage Ideas8 Toy Storage IdeasWhether your space is large or small, nothing makes it seem smaller than kids' toys scattered all over the house. And nothing is more frustrating than trying to keep it all picked up. These toy storage ideas will help everyone in your family know where everything goes and make clean-up a breeze. Check out these 8 ideas to keep your house tidy and keep track of your kids' toys.

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Rolling Wooden CratesRolling Wooden Crates1. Rolling Wooden Crates
Who says you can't store toys in style? Re-purpose these vintage crates into rolling toy carts. A nice coat of stain and sealer will create a beautiful, deep wooden look that will look great along with the rest of your home, and the crates are easy to move to make mobile playtime less of a hassle.
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Bookshelf with Labeled BucketsBookshelf with Labeled Buckets2. Bookshelf with Labeled Buckets
Keep everyone's supplies and treasures in the right place with these cute buckets. If you don't feel like making them yourself, I've also seen similar buckets at stores like Target or the dollar store!
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Glass Kitchen BinsGlass Kitchen Bins3. Glass Kitchen Bins
Keep an eye on your storage with these transparent toy holders! Perfect for little odds and ends like crayons and toy cars, as well as any knick-knacks you might need to keep in the kitchen.

Over-the-door Storage BagsOver-the-door Storage Bags4. Over-the-door Storage Bags
You can use off-the-shelf shoe holders, but these over-the-door storage bags are easy to make! A bonus of making your own: you can customize the pattern to whatever size best suits your storage needs.
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Peek-a-boo Storage BagsPeek-a-boo Storage Bags5. Peek-a-boo Storage Bags
Never lose track of that runaway toy again. Keep track of what's inside your storage bags by creating a window to sneak a peek through!
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Wire Garden Baskets on the WallWire Garden Baskets on the Wall6. Wire Garden Baskets on the Wall
Just because it's in the garden section of the store doesn't mean it has to be used outside. Put books, cuddly toys, or whatever you use frequently on the wall right near where you most often need it!

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Upcycled Bookshelf with Galvanized BucketsUpcycled Bookshelf with Galvanized Buckets7. Upcycled Bookshelf with Galvanized Buckets
Don't throw away old bookshelves; find something new to use them for. A great idea is to pair them with these industrial-chic galvanized buckets, complete with chalkboard labels!
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Wooden Bins with Chalkboard PaintWooden Bins with Chalkboard Paint8. Paint Wooden Bins with Chalkboard Paint
Wooden bins are great for organization. And this idea for creating mini chalkboard labels makes them even more useful!
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