Your New Year's Resolution -- with Help from Your Sun Sign!

Your New Year's Resolution -- with Help from Your Sun Sign!
It's that time again -- time to check the bad habits of 2012 at the door and resolve to do better in the new year. The theme of transformation continues in 2013, raising your chances of sticking to your New Year's resolutions this time around.

Utilizing your Sun sign's greatest strengths to transform your inherent weak areas is the best way to harness 2013's powerful star patterns. Read on for a sign-by-sign guide!

Aries: Be patient.
You generate more innovative ideas than anyone else you know; your problem, though, is making something of them and finishing them off. You love to burn through things as fast as possible, but the good things take time. If you commit to cultivating not only more patience, but also further interest in the slower parts of the process, you can make important changes in your life.

Taurus: Keep moving and changing.
Staying power is not an issue for you -- you recognize the value of waiting things out and seeing them through. However, you have a tendency to get stuck, so consider how much time is lost when you refuse to heed all the alarm bells imploring you to move on. Refuse to indulge stagnation. Let go and move on, daily.

Gemini: Focus and commit.
You go through more iterations than even you can track. Living life perpetually on the go and maintaining interest in practically everything is what keeps you so exciting and young at heart ... and yet, you may wonder what it is you're actually working on at any given time. Use 2013's potent energy to narrow your focus as you commit to at least one thing for 12 months in a row.

Cancer: Elevate your mood.
Your sensitive and caring ways are the hallmark of what makes you so adorable and irresistible. However, this same sensitivity is responsible for your wide spectrum of moods. What if you resolved to manage your moods with the intention of expressing your feelings creatively -- rather than defensively -- against your loved ones?

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Leo: Share the limelight.
As a Leo, you're a natural showstopper. The problem is, this could inadvertently lead you to hog the spotlight without even realizing it. Use your inherently generous spirit to share the stage of life with others. The less attention you seek for personal gratification, the more your naturally noble side will shine. And ironically, if you follow this path, it will lead to even greater recognition over the long haul.

Virgo: Take time-outs.
Few work harder -- or longer -- than you, attending to the needs of so many. You can't resist the call to service, as being helpful brings you an unmatchable high. However, you have a way of neglecting your own needs in the process. Resolve to replenish yourself on a daily basis.

Libra: Embrace intensity.
You're geared to pursue peace and harmony at almost any cost, and you like when things flow without the slightest hint of discord. As lovely as this can be, you may lose precious energy trying to keep everything in a constant state of lightness. Rock your scales and let yourself experience a few extremes this year.

Scorpio: Sit still once in a while.
Tumult might just be your middle name! There's little doubt that your passionate nature can often conspire against the part of you that prefers constancy. In your quest to experience the depth and intensity of life, you forget the importance of staying put long enough to digest and process your experiences.

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Sagittarius: Cool your jets.
As a forward-looking Sagittarius, you're usually happiest living on your future patch of greener grass. However, you're beginning to realize how this takes away from appreciating what you have in the here and now. By no means does this suggest you should pull the plug on any future itineraries, but how about slowing down long enough to enjoy what's happening in the immediate moment?

Capricorn: Release fear.
The conservative part of your nature makes you one of the most trustworthy and respected companions in the zodiac. However, it's often maddening for you to live with such internal constraint. So much gets bottled up that you tend to lose touch with your need for spontaneous expression. Remember these old, wise words: The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Aquarius: Get mushy.
Objectivity is a no-brainer for you, as you're able to cut through all the mush and gush of life in one fell -- and often, sarcastic -- swoop. Friends and admirers love this about you, yet it's almost as if your own genius cuts you off from the emotional juice of life. Embrace the messy range of life's emotions for a richer experience.

Pisces: Create boundaries.
No doubt about it, you're the bleeding heart of the zodiac. But too much worry for everyone else leaves you drained to your core. Try saying "no" whenever possible this year, and save that heart of yours for romance and other angelic realms where you belong.

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