10 Ways Men Can Be Helpful This Holiday Season

Between decorating, cookie baking, wrapping presents and entertaining, women have a lot on their plate during the holiday season. Guys: Take these 10 hints and jump in to help out your significant other. The best gift you can give is the gift of time!

1. Break out the cleaning supplies.

Men can assist with prepping for company by offering to clean the house. Helpful tasks include vacuuming or sweeping, laundering fresh sheets and towels, cleaning the bathroom and making sure all dishes are put away. This will leave time for her to perfect a recipe or finish decorating. Alternately, offer to clean up after a gathering at home so she can get a few extra minutes of sleep.

2. Scrape the cars and shovel the walks.

Save 10 extra minutes to scrape ice off the cars and shovel the sidewalks before heading out to shop or celebrate. Your wife will appreciate the extra time to get ready.

3. Happily attend all holiday parties.

Yes, there will be a lot of small talk to handle in the next few weeks. The last thing a woman wants is to bring a Grinch to her company's holiday party. Put on that festive shirt, pick up your favorite drink to share, and attend with a smile. Think of all the times she enthusiastically hosted your football friends this fall and return the favor. As always, be or use a designated driver when celebrating this holiday season. Read about the Anheuser-Busch pledge to drink responsibly.

4. Take the kids out for an afternoon.

Give her a few hours of uninterrupted alone time. It's up to her if she wants to spend it getting a manicure, de-stressing at a yoga class or dashing out for last-minute gifts. Take the kids to a holiday movie or ice skating. Your kids will love some extra time with dad and your wife will cherish the peace and quiet.

5. Pick up dinner.

Choose your family's favorite take-out spot and pick up a weeknight dinner. Be sure to choose something healthy - a family-style lasagna with salad and breadsticks is a good choice.

6. Suggest a gift for your parents.

Women often feel pressure to choose the perfect present for in-laws. Dig down deep and suggest a gift for your parents; Better yet, go out and purchase the gift yourself - it's one less thing on her to-do list.

7. Have her assign you a task.

Maybe she hates grocery shopping; or, the thought of standing in line at the post office is a source of stress. Ask your wife what she wants help with. Get specific instructions or lists before shopping for food or presents!

8. Organize your family's holiday tradition.

Does your family drive around to look at Christmas lights? Attend a local holiday parade? Maybe you host neighbors for an informal white-elephant gift swap. Take the initiative and schedule the event; you can coordinate the transportation, make reservations or purchase supplies for the event.

9. Make travel stress-free.

If you're traveling to see family this season, let your wife do the packing while you take care of logistics. Stop the mail and newspaper delivery, reserve the airport shuttle, ensure all e-tickets or passports are ready and make sure the pets have sitters!

10. Surprise her!

Take the time to orchestrate a small surprise. Sneak out early and bring back her favorite holiday coffee drink. Put on her favorite Christmas movie while you're wrapping presents. Leave her a holiday card in an unexpected place. You don't have to spend a lot to let her know you appreciate her effort this holiday season.
Content by 
Tracy Stientjes.