12 Ideas for Bathroom Counters

Transform your bathroom space with ideas for counters, vanities, and sinks.

Solid-surface counterSolid-surface counter
The white solid-surface counter in this kids' bath doesn't compete with the strong pattern on the floor.

Mosaic tile counterMosaic tile counter
Ice blue glass mosaic tiles cover the countertop and extend into a tiled wall that also includes white and ocean blue.

Center-sloped sinkCenter-sloped sink
Sleek wall-mounted faucets pour into both sides of a center-sloped double sink

Enameled cast iron sinkEnameled cast iron sink
Enameled cast iron is a long-lasting, maintenance-free choice for a sink.

Integral concrete sinkIntegral concrete sink
Concrete fabricators can get creative with integral sinks, as they aren't limited by standard molds and sizes. In this example, water spills into a reservoir that leads to a pipe under the sink.

Integral porcelain sinkIntegral porcelain sink
This integral porcelain sink is set on a floating white cabinet and has ample counter space on either end.

Rosy concrete sinkRosy concrete sink
This smaller-than-average rosy pink concrete integral sink works well in a half bath.

Back-to-back vanitiesBack-to-back vanities
Back-to-back floating vanities give each person his or her own space. Deep, wide, wall-mounted sinks make a design statement, and setting them on a solid-surface countertop that connects on the far side means that some toiletries can be more easily shared.

Console vanityConsole vanity
Old-fashioned wainscot is the perfect backdrop for this console vanity, as it can be seen both above and below the marble countertop.

Vanity with built-in storageVanity with built-in storage
Resembling a fine piece of furniture, the vanity takes up very little floor space but has a strong presence in the room. Moreover, all the built-in drawers and cabinets allow for ample storage space.

A vanity for the whole familyA vanity for the whole family
Instead of lowering the vanity so kids can reach, keep it at the standard height and incorporate a stool in the toe kick that can be pulled out when needed so you aren't constantly tripping over it.

Reclaimed wood vanityReclaimed wood vanity
The freestanding cabinet reflected in the mirror and the floating vanity were both constructed from reclaimed Douglas fir. On the wall, random-patterned ceramic tiles in five shades of green add another earthy element to the design.

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