This 12-Year-Old’s Inventions Could Save Lives

Peyton Robertson from Fort Lauderdale, FL isn't your typical 12-year-old kid. A math whiz since age 3, he's already made a name for himself with an invention that could save countless lives and homes during a flood.

Peyton appeared on "Ellen" to show off some of his inventions, including his amazing sand-less sandbag, the invention that won him $25,000 and the title of America's Top Young Scientist of 2013.

During Hurricane Sandy, the sixth-grader realized that all the sandbags being used for flood protection were bulky, heavy, and difficult to get around. He made a lighter sandbag filled with liquid polymer, which expands when wet. By using Peyton's invention, more people can get quicker access to these sandbags and more effectively protect themselves from flooding.

Ellen was so wowed by this inventor and golf enthusiast, she gifted him with a new set of clubs so he can brainstorm all his new ideas while out on the green! He's also getting a custom fitting by Taylormade, and VIP tickets to a PGA Tour event. It pays to be brilliant!

Peyton talked to us backstage about his experience meeting Ellen, and what inventions he's working on now. Check it out!

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