15,329 Ways to Wind up in the Same Place


I think if I see one more article about Valentine's Day I will scream! (Except for my own)

Let's just add a few numbers to it to make it more believable.

86 ways to catch a man by the big V Day.

13 ways to make your woman crazy with happiness by the big plans for the romantic weekend.

47 of the worst gifts you could ever buy that will send your true love out screaming in the streets.

6,792 reasons to be happy you are single on Valentine's Day.

The headlines scream it from every magazine and internet website. How do they know and who the hell are they asking to actually find out what they think they know?

Yet-ashamedly, I have been sucked in and reading these obnoxious articles. I have yet to find one bit of truth in any of it though. Why do I continue to explore what anyone has to say about these matters when I find most of it pure idiocy?

Here is what I have to say about it because I feel the need to add my two cents:

There is no secret formula to finding a man, a woman or your soul mate. It just happens or it doesn't happen. I bet no one will post that as a draw in for their magazine. It is the truth. If we are all expected to follow some mysterious ritual and dance naked by the light of the moon to bring us our true love-I am sure we all would have done it by now. Instead, we are ourselves, we continue to wait and we continue to hope while we wait.

Romantic plans-the kind where everything has an itinerary down to the time when everyone uses the bathroom, showers and falls asleep-never work. Nothing ever happens as we plan. Life has other ideas and its how we handle all the upsets despite our well thought out plans that matters. The romantic part is simply having someone to go through the catastrophe with you and be able to laugh about it rather than cry.

How can anyone receive a bad gift? If you have thought enough of me to actually present me with something as a token of your affection-I appreciate it. And for those who lament that the flowers are cheesy, the candy is too fattening and the cards are unimaginative-you didn't deserve it in the first place then. Now that doesn't mean I want someone to give me a dirty sock wrapped up in shiny paper. But hey-if you think of me…it counts.

The last thing-being single and looking at all the reasons this is a good thing to be on Valentine's Day. Let's face it, being alone on Valentine's Day down right sucks and no one wants to be. How did anyone come up with more than one reason? There is only one true good reason that I can think of that would be good. You could be with the wrong person and know it. I would rather be single than have that.

Have a happy Valentine's Day. Do it right this year. Simply love and be thankful someone loves you back.

Monika M. Basile