My 2 Cents of Falling Leafs

I might as well put my 2 cents worth of the leafs falling. I am thinking of my drive-way. Its full of leafs now but the trees still are falling . I have a feeling i will be shoveling the leafs out of the drive -way instead of raking them off. But I am gonna wait til they all come off the trees. Then i can shovel them off to the side . Into the lawn. Granted it sure does look beautiful when the leafs of all kinds get together. The hard part raking them up. To get ready for the winter. I also been thinking of winterize the windows so it stay warmer in the house, It really does work to have plastic around the windows, I remember sweating because the windows were ready for the winter months. Saves on your heating bill too.

My wedding plans are still going strong. I picture myself walking aisle seeing Jon smiley face.Oh yes I picture the whole day. Happy tears and all. Even parents won't be there because my mom past away recently. I know they will be in my heart and i have an special ideal for our wedding that they will be there. You will see. I love Jon so much. I know he is the man of my dreams . It will be aired on TV. And our honeymoon and maybe other things too. You just never know.