20 Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

The following tips will help avoiding bad hair days, getting rid of breakage and preventing hair loss, and any scalp condition. The tips are from personal experience and are recommended for every hair type and hair style.

1. Use delicate shampoo - prefer natural brands, that don't contain SLS (chemicals that dry your hair).
2. Always use conditioner. Try different brands and find out what works best for you.
3. Treat your scalp once every two weeks or so - there are special products meant for that purpose.
4. Or you can make your own hair treatment: combine coconut oil with 1 egg, 1tbls honey and 1ts lemon juice.
5. When you treat your scalp, wear shower cup and leave the oils on for at least 30 minutes.
6. You can do the same thing for your lengths, but you might want to use special hair treatments for that. (you can purchase them in every store. Basically they work the same as a normal conditioner, but more intensively. Try to avoide dimethicones and other types of silicone if you can - these are very difficult to wash out of your hair!).
7. Never use hair products directly on your scalp unless the product was specifically meant to be used on your scalp!
8. Wash your hair with lukewarm water: never wash your hair with water that are too hot. It can dry your hair and irritate your scalp.
9. If your hair isn't very short, try not to wash it too often: once a day or less will do.

10. Prefer combing rather than brushing. Use natural material, wide-toothed combs.
11. Pat dry your hair with a microfiber towel. Avoid heat dryers as much as you can.
12. When using straighteners etc, it's important to remember that heat damages your hair as much as coloring. Your hair wouldn't be able to recover itself, and you will have to grow it out if you want your old hair back. Do some serious thinking!
13. If you decided to use a straightener, always use it on your hair when it's completely dry, and never get too close to your scalp. It's better if you use some sort of cream to protect your hair. (make sure it was specifically meant to protect from heat!)
14. If you have curly or wavy hair, wait for my '20 haircare tips for curly and wavy hair'.

Extra tip: silk and satin pillow cases help preventing static electricity that causes frizz in your hair.

15. Make sure your diet contains enough iron, zinc and B vitamins.
16. Several foods that are extremely good for promoting hair growth: spinach, eggs, nuts, fish.
17. As if there aren't enough reasons to take Omega 3 oil as it is, your shiny hair is another reason.
18. Make sure to drink more than 1 liter of water every day and stay hydrated.

The basics:
19. If you love to change styles, haircuts and colors, stick to shorter styles and that way your hair will grow before you will actually do any visible damage to it. Make sure the style you choose matches: 1. face shape, 2. personal style, 3. hair type. Trim your hair regularly - even if it's very long, you still need to get rid of split ends every 3-6 months.

20. Love your hair - hey, some people pray for what you take for granted!