3 (Quick) Hair Shortcuts to Save You Time (And Money!)

Try these simple shortcuts for great looking hair!

When it comes to hair, there's really not much that I haven't done. Since the beginning of time (alright, it was really just me in high school but that seems so long ago so it may as well be then), I've longed for super bright blonde hair.

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It didn't have to be a certain length, I just really wanted blonde locks. Of course, my mother would never allow such a thing so as I soon as I got to college, I ran to the local drugstore to dye my hair. Despite the fact that I had very little money, my hair always looked amazing.

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My secret? I would pore over magazines and use all the tips I read. (Believe me ladies, the majority of them that you read really do work!) Fast forward to now, there are still some that I swear by. Here are my top three.

1. Try A Beer Rinse For Shine. Hair looking a little lackluster? Instead of heading to the salon for a shine treatment or shelling out lots of dough for those over-the-counter treatments, try beer. (Yes, you read that correctly: beer.) As an added bonus, it's been proven that the malt in beer will also smooth your strands and give volume.

Using any brand (I'm partial to Bud Light), pour the beer over freshly washed strands and massage into your scalp. Let it set for a few minutes, rinse and then condition to help eliminate the beer smell. After styling you'll notice that your hair is super soft and loaded with shine.

2. Mend Your Ends. Trims can be expensive, so until you can get to your next cut, there are ways you can make your ends look more polished. (Please don't leave them looking a hot, ratty mess). Use a deep conditioner (my favorite is the Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner, $34, sephora.com) on your ends every week and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. (This is a great thing to do on Saturday mornings right before you do laundry or something form of house work.) Not only will the deep conditioner give your strands any much needed moisture, it will also work to make them look polished. (When rinsing, be sure to use cool water to help better seal the ends.)

3. Skip Shampooing. Trust me when I say that dry shampoo is your best friend. It will help your blow outs to last longer. Use a little bit on the roots to add volume and soak up excess oils. However, don't go really long periods without washing your hair (a month is way too long) and it's not good for the health of your scalp.

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