3 Thoughts on How to Begin Your Spiritual Growth Process

So everything has a growth process your body, mind and even your soul. Calcium helps your bones grow and feeding the mind information and keeping it engaged helps grow it. But what can someone do if they want to spiritually grow. Is going to a Mosque, Church or synagogue enough to help in the growth process?

If someone prepared me a nutritious, mouth watering, tantalizing meal and placed it before yet alThe way grass don't growl I do is smell it, look at it but never it eat did it help my body to grow?

If I payed my money to attend a higher learning institution but hardly attended class, fell asleep when I was present and flunked out did I grow mentally?

If the answers to the above question is a resounding no then the the third is in like kind. Just attending a religious institution is not sufficient enough for spiritual growth.

Below are three tips on how to get started with your spiritual growth

1. Analyze (Analyze yourself, your upbringing, your surrounding friends choices your environment to get an understanding of what energy or experiences you are attracting to your self)

2. Identify (Identify the things in and around you that bring you joy, displeasure, pain, hurt, fulfillment etc)

3. Purify (Begin to purge yourslef of engery sucking vapire type vibrations and emotions, hate, lust, covetousness, envy, jealous, greed,resentfulness)

There is a start for more on how to visit www.inthewilderness.info