3 Ways Technology Prevents You From Getting Over Your Ex

Getting over a breakup has always been hard. But with the advent of technology, it's even more difficult to get over an ex. Here are a few ways people unintentionally delay their breakup recovery by clinging to technology, and tactics to avoid them.

Re-reading every single email he ever sent. Some women do this every single day for weeks, months or even years; searching for a clue she may have missed, finding a sentence she may have typed that he misunderstood and tormenting herself with "what-if's" and "remember when's?"

What can you do? Read the emails when you're in the initial "pity party" stage of your recovery and then delete them. Also delete the messages from your sent box. If you absolutely cannot do bring yourself to do this, then forward them all to a trusted friend to keep until a later date.

Saving old text messages in your phone. Just like re-reading his emails, viewing his old texts over and over again will prolong your agony.

What can you do? Delete his old text messages and while you're at it, delete his number from your phone. This is going to be hard to do, but keep in mind that erasing his number and his texts will put you on the road to recovery. If this is too hard, then try erasing one text per day until they are all removed.

Checking his MySpace or Facebook page. This is probably one of the worst ways that technology prolongs breakup recovery. These social networking sites give you an instant window into your ex's new life. You can check to see if he has deleted your photos and check to see if he has changed his status to single. Even worse, if he is seeing someone else you have a window into his new relationship and possible access to the new woman's page. Be careful. Checking out his pages can be potentially devastating and can become an obsession - it's called cyber stalking.

What can you do? Delete him from your friends list and then block him. If you want to take it a step further, delete your own page for awhile and then rebuild it later. Think of rebuilding your profile as a symbol of rebuilding your life. Then invite people who aren't in his network so you won't receive updates on his life.

But technology is not all bad. Join a breakup recovery forum like the one at BrokenHeartedGirl.com. You'll find that it can be surprisingly easier to be truly honest about your feelings when you take advantage of the anonymity that technology can provide.