5 Tips for Drivers in Orange County

1. Get protected with the auto insurance policy that fits you best. Drivers in the Orange County area know that the roads are often crowded and not everyone that has a driver's license necessarily knows how to drive a car. Auto insurance in Anaheim is easy to find, and many companies have outlined plans that you can purchase and be covered by within a few hours. Those looking for information about Anaheim car insurance are wise to first get a free online insurance quote. It's quite simple. If you don't have quality car insurance, you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car.

2. Don't talk or text while driving. Technology is always a few steps ahead of regulation, but it has become crystal clear in recent months that texting while driving is extremely hazardous. California has actually passed a law making the negligent practice illegal, so you should be sure to avoid texting while driving in Orange County, or any other county. Talking can also divert attention from the matter at hand. Some cities even offer cab services to local residences to avoid traffic and not have to worry about drinking and driving. Laguna Beach, for example, offers a ticket program where residents can purchase vouchers for cab services for the summer, mainly because the traffic is intense with the festivals going on and the tourists in town and, well, residents still need to have fun downtown!

3. Don't drive when you're tired. This one seems logical and obvious, but never drive through Orange County when you are excessively tired. No matter how important you think it is to get from point A to point B, the trip can wait until you've got a good night's rest and had your energy replenished. It's not hard to call a cab, and it will take them less than 20 minutes to arrive to wherever you are.

4. Look at a real map. People often rely on mobile devices to give them directions around areas such as Orange County, but they should be a supplement to actual maps and actual knowledge of your region as opposed to a replacement.

5. Be patient. The roads and highways that cross Orange County are usually crowded, especially during rush hour and beautiful weekend summer days. One of the most important things to remember is to always be patient. Having a good air conditioning system and some mellow music on hand can help calm your nerves during long commutes.