6 Tips to Create Your New Reality

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Nobody likes the feeling of being stuck. You can't really make a change in life til you're fed up with repeating the same old patterns. You've gotta be done. And I mean, really done. Make that promise to yourself. Here are some simple tools that may help you on your journey in creating your reality and owning, fully, what it really means to be YOU.

1. E=mc2.
You've gotta get hip to this. Acknowledge ENERGY. The most important factor and absolute seed of creating is not to just acknowledge, but actually REALIZE that everything is, in fact, energy. This is not a concept or idea. It is not an affirmation one repeats as a mantra of sorts. This is the base level of understanding one must carry as embarking on the journey of being the full creator and manifestor of one's own life.

2. Commitment.

The path of being responsible for one's own path is not an easy role to take on. Unfortunately it's common to get lazy and fall off. BUT YOU ARE NOT THAT. If you are reading this, you are looking for the tools to help with your dedication and strength to aide you on your journey. We're all looking for more tools. The information is out there -- keep on looking and hold onto the ones that work. If it doesn't resonate with you, move on. You will find what you need, I promise. You have to COMMIT to your life's well being.

3. Get really clear.

There's no limit to the depth of clarity one may attain to take on the title of co-creator. All results start from one thing: and that's energy-the pure potency of potentiality. Energy then manifests into feeling to then thought to then form. You've got to get clear in your intentions and plant the seeds of what it is you actually want to be sowing, to be growing, to be putting your attention on, to be nurturing.

4. Weeding out.

Just as important as knowing what it is you DO want, is knowing what you DON'T want. The trick is to know the difference, and discern your awareness and attention towards what you DO WANT. Creating from this center allows for clear, abundant and positive creation. Creating from the center of what you don't want makes the outcome muddy with aspects of fear, lack of and limitation. Know the difference between the two.

5. Ask yourself, what are your biggest distractions?

Knowing the answer to this question will aide tremendously in the speed and efficiency of what you want to create. If you can gather your energy to where you actually want it vs. scattering your energy to a million different areas of your life-you will be more powerful, more clear, more direct and more fully embodied into what it is that you are manifesting. You are manifesting your distractions too whether you're conscious of this or not. So, become conscious of them and kind of hold them, place them in a bag if you will, while you get centered enough to use them appropriately rather than allowing the distractions to uproot and take you in their tendency of "the tornado effect".

6. Patience.

Life is not a 20 minute sitcom. Accept this fact. Get clear, put it out there, do your thing, then wait. Life will meet you with what you want to create. You have no control over how Life will meet you. You're co-creating with the Ultimate Master here. The Ultimate Master meaning, LIFE. REMEMBER, desire and intention are two separate energies. FUEL your desires from your intentions. The outcome will manifest then into it's purest form. Each situation and experience will shift and change as you learn to work with your energy and evolve in your spiritual growth. Your reality is as high as your own vibration. HAVE FUN CREATING & EXPLORING!