6 Tips to Tune into Your Intuition

Image from on Tumblr

Can you wake up to a truth that already lives inside you? When that deepest, most internal center of your being is awoken, there's no way it can be further ignored. You can try to place it on the sidelines, some people go years, even decades before they surrender, (in some cases, some may never) but sooner than later- that voice will start screaming, yelling, even ache for attention. It will be as loud as you need it to be to hear it. This voice is called your intuition. Also known as your truth.

Here are some practical tips and suggestions on how to listen and live your life in harmony with truth.

1. Do Urdhva Danurasana 3 times a day.
In proper alignment, hold it for 5 breaths, rest 3 breaths and repeat. Truth lives in the heart. This posture is a heart opener. The energy field of the subtle body has the potential in being blocked, closed or shut off. This posture will aide in sending energy, breath and prana to this center of the body which will ALSO then bring your mind's awareness to this center. Mind and body clear connection = faster the communication. By faster communication I mean a more efficient working product or outcome of the functioning bodymind.

2. Stop talking and practice listening.
You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. If your mind is busy all the time blah blah blah jabbering away, where and when is the space for your ears to actually do their job? There are signals and signs every where, all we have to do is listen.

3. Tune into the bigger picture.

View your everyday life situations from different lenses, viewpoints and angles. Listen to your conversations from the perspective of each person speaking. The more your practice listening and seeing from a wider vantage point, the more you will be able to differentiate what is yours, what is theirs, and what is the collective's.

4. Be honest in all areas of your life.

Whether it be when speaking with others, in areas of contemplation of self, carrying out actions, etc. The more you practice honesty and truthfulness, the more you will resonate, attract and magnetize this vibration towards you.

5. Connect with your emotions as well as your thoughts.

When you feel a certain way in response to a life situation, question why. When you think a certain thought in response to a life situation, question why. Notice any patterns that may start to arise from your feelings and mind. The more you know your patterns, the more you can discern what is a default pattern from your history versus the actual Truthful response to the moment.

6. Remember, there is nothing you need that lives outside yourself.

Everything you are looking for already lives inside you. Everything you experience, encounter and see is a direct result from what is happening within your inner domain. The more you engage in this dialogue, the stronger the connection will become. It's like anything in life, if you want to be a musician, you've got to practice your instrument. Pretty simple right? The secret to all things is not much of a secret, it just takes practice. Nurture all things you choose to practice.