7 Steps from Judgment to Allowance

Cheri ValentineCheri Valentine

You know those people who piss you off the most? They just drive you crazy! It might be your mother, best friend, significant other, clerk at the grocery store, or someone you just met. You know what I am talking about. You have such judgment against them. They push your buttons, trigger you to react in unattractive ways, infuriate you!

Well, here's some good news for you! Those people, those experiences, those judgments you have can actually teach you some important lessons about yourself and free you in ways you probably cannot even imagine. Really!

How do I know? Because I use these 7 steps every day and help many frustrated men and women to do the same. The truth is…it's not really about the people who are driving you nuts. It's all about you! That's right. So, are you ready to use those judgment to your advantage?

Here's the 7 Steps that will take you from judging others to allowing them and you enjoy a more loving connection.

1. Notice Your Judgments - First be aware they exist and what they are
2. Observe the Reflection - Understand that what you see in others is actually mirroring back to you your own beliefs and perceptions
3. Question Within - If this is what you are seeing through your filter, then where can this be true for you in your life?
4. Evaluate Honestly - Be willing to see what's really there
5. Accept Graciously - Do not judge or criticize - it's been true
6. Create from Understanding - Now now that you see this, what would you like to do? Is it serving you? Do you need to shift or change something? Can you just accept that what you discover is actually all right for you - perhaps it was someone else's belief that had you judging it?
7. Communicate with Compassion - Understand that the person you just judged actually gave you a gift. You now have awareness for them and for you, and you can go forward peacefully and allow them to be them and you to be you.

This process has helped me discover so many truths about myself - some that I needed to address with love, acceptance and lots of tapping. It's healed hurts I was not aware even existed. It has also allowed me to make choices from a place of love and acceptance for me and for others. It has greatly improved many of my relationships.

I hope it helps you, too!

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