9 Beautiful Easy-care Plants

Up the serenity in your own garden room with these easy-care, low-water plants.

All low-water and easy-careAll low-water and easy-care
Magical outdoor room

"Everything about this garden is magical," says designer Vera Gates of Liz and Chris Dressel's hillside hideaway in Woodside, California. "The light is magical. So are the plantings around the native oak." Thoughts of yard work won't break the spell here: These plants are all low-water and easy-care. A decomposed-granite patio means no lawn to mow. And the chairs around the portable firepit? Bewitching. "Guests just want to recline in them and enjoy the view. No one ever wants to leave." Design: Vera Gates and Scott Yarnell, Arterra Landscape Architects, San Francisco (arterrallp.com).

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A great border accentA great border accent
Santa Barbara daisy

(Erigeron karvinskianus)
The tiny white and pink flowers make a great border accent when planted in the forefront of tall grasses.

Open, airy inflorescences Open, airy inflorescences
Mexican feather grass

(Stipa tenuissima)
These clump-forming grasses produce large, open, airy inflorescences that can add lightness and motion to the garden.

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An aromatic varietyAn aromatic variety
French lavender

(Lavandula dentata)
This aromatic variety of lavender is lovely when used as informal hedge or edging.

Lots of trumpet-shaped bloomsLots of trumpet-shaped blooms
Beard tongue

This bushy plant is fairly short lived, but to make up for it, it produces lots of trumpet-shaped blooms over a long period. Deep purple "Midnight" is a standout for its vivid hue.

Attract butterflies to your gardenAttract butterflies to your garden
Butterfly bush

(Buddleja davidii)
These small, fragrant blossoms grow in spikelike clusters and attract butterflies to your garden.

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A good garden focal pointA good garden focal point
New Zealand flax

This dramatic plant with fanning evergreen leaves makes a good garden focal point. It provides year-round color, which intensifies in cool weather.

A great pick for a low-water gardenA great pick for a low-water garden
Hedge lavender

(Lavandula x intermedia "Grosso")
Like other varieites of lavender, this will succeed in cool coastal or mountain climates or inland valleys and deserts--essentially a great pick for a low-water garden.

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Grow for foliage effectGrow for foliage effect
Carex divulsa

(Sold as Carex tumulicola)
This ornamental grass is a lovely choice to grow for foliage effect.

A good choice for low edgingA good choice for low edging
Common thyme

(Thymus vulgaris)
The herb's small, pungent leaves grow on stems up to 1 foot tall, yielding white to lilac flowers, making it a good choice for low edging.

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