A lesson lesson to be learnt from the child's play of Bombs Blasters at Mumbai as to how encounter it in anticipation of the reoccurring of the event.

Our governance is proud of the system of our neighbors( Pakistan ad Bengla Desh)) of their tackling the explosions with no propaganda because they have accepted it as a part of game they have been playing. but with confidence that one day they will be able to over power the terrorists. But here in India we are busy in finding the organizations of Hindus in Bindustan which are given the top priority as may be terrorist of Mumbai blast just to hide the real ones so as to give the sleeping agents one more chance to act as a normal practice in Pakistan. But here in India the Bosses forget that Pakistan and America are targeting correctly an d effectively the terrorists and not giving them a place to escape death and our governance is so kind to them that such people and their sleeping agents may be alloiwed to escape the law very often. Because the defance system needs time to awake from hibernation for another event to be tackled in the history of India.