A Word to the Wealthy

Well, we lost Steve Jobs. He built up quite a fortune and had plenty of fame, didn't he. So he died of cancer at age 56 and lost it all. He's got plenty of tears and bitter regret he can't take it with him. He can't indulge in bodily pleasures, because he now has no body. And, all the way to Heaven, he has to do power withdrawal, because he can't get anywhere but maybe circle the Earth until he does it. Why he didn't give his massive holdings back to the people I don't know. Now everyone who surrounded him with favor get to squabble over the empire he left behind.

This is a word to the wealthy. You can save the trouble of having to do one hell of a lot of power withdrawal if you divest yourself of your massive fortunes, and hence, can avoid all the withdrawal Steve Jobs has to do. You can do it in sickness and old age tediously, or you can help the poor avoid bankruptcy and malnutrition and get a blessing from the Good Lord upon your departure. You're not going to find any wealth in Heaven, so you'd better get used to it. You'll feel better if you give it up now, so you don't have to do forced withdrawal later. He who helps others actually helps himself. The problem is those who help themselves too much at the expense of others. This is why the profit motive is corrupt.