Follow Me Along on My 24 Day Journey with the Advocare 24-Day Challenge

I'm sure that most women can relate to the fact that we would all like to lose a few pounds! There are thousands of diet plans, scams, drinks, pills, and books out there that claim to be the best diet going, however, none of them seem to work. What does it take? Hours in the gym? Not eating? Eating right? Eating right and exercising? What's the key to success?
I'm 28 years old, go the the gym 4-5 times per week, and consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater, with an indulgence of ice cream or a brownie every now and again. I've been about 150lbs now for probably the last four years and can't seem to get under that number regardless of how much more I exercise or eat healthy. Again, I'm sure many can relate.
My one friend from high school introduced me to this product Advocare and the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. This "plan" includes real food, along with meal replacement shakes, an herbal cleanse, energy drinks, and some supplements. Its purpose is to "jump start" your diet and rid you of bad eating habits. The average female, without exercise, is expected to lose approximately 8-12 lbs and some inches in the 24 day span.
After hearing about this, I did some research, and found nothing but good reviews; it was created by doctors, is natural, and it works. It's broken into two phases; days 1-10 (cleanse) and days (11-24) burn. I asked my friend what happens after the 24 days? Do I just gain the weight back? He told me no; you just keep eating healthy , exercise, and you can continue to use the Advocare products if you'd like; but you don't have to. I decided that I was going to give it a try. I went on his website, and a little over $200.00 later, Advocare was ordered. It just arrived at my house today and I'm going to be blogging daily to let you all know how this is working. Today is day one.
As of day one I weigh 155.2lbs, waist is 30.5", hips 40.5" and thighs 39.5"
Day one has been going well. I started my day with the Spark Energy Drink (tasted REALLY good, similar to Hawaiian Punch ) and 3 catalyst pills. The drink definitely gave me more energy, but not a jittery or shaky feeling, which was good. After waiting 30 minutes, I had the fiber drink (a little gritty, tomorrow I will put it in the blender with ice, but not a bad taste, it was citrus), two glasses of water and a chocolate meal replacement shake (tasted good; tomorrow I will blend it so it's colder) and I was stuffed! You can have a morning snack of fruit with eggs or oatmeal if you're hungry. I had a cup of blueberries. About 3 hours later it was time for lunch. 4oz of a lean protein (I had chicken), salad or vegetable (I had carrots) , and a complex carb (I had a 1/2 c of brown rice). This is as far as I got so far today, and I'm not hungry and I feel good. I thought that I'd be living on the toilet with the cleanse drink, however I haven't went once yet, I was told that it's meant to make you 'regular' versus spending your day in the bathroom.
I'll blog some more this evening to let you all know how the rest of my day goes. I still have another energy drink to go, 3 more catalyst pills, an afternoon snack, dinner, omega plex pills, herbal cleanse tablets, and an evening snack to go.