I Am Sick of Eating Lunchables

. II never thought. I would eat lunchables. I thought they were for kids and no way would I open a box of Lunchables. So for the past 2 weeks I have been eating Lunchables. Because I can not afford anything else.I would eat 2 a day that is all. Nothing else. I would drink ice tea or lemonade. Then I would draw pictures or listen to the radio and fall asleep. I finally got enough money to buy something else. Like 3 pizzas. I thought they would last long then 4 days. I am getting sick of Lunchables and pizza right now. I ran out of something to drink. I am on my way to the store after i get done blogging and what not.
I been thinking about Christmas . This will be the first Christmas without my parents being around for they are both dead now. I get teary eye once in a while. Because I am remembering the Christmas moments with them.
If i could buy everyone a Christmas gift this year. It would be a paper shredder. So no one would copy your personal information. And try to get money from it somehow.
I think I will buy some milk and make some hot choc. Of course i would have to buy some marshmallows too.