Amish Men and Women Suffered Unwanted Hair Cuts by Suspects

According to the hhtp://… sixteen people in Jefferson County in Cleveland, Ohio have been charged with hate crimes in the hair-cutting attacks on fellow Amish which go to trial this week in Ohio.

I was in awe as I read in the article that the suspects in this case had forcibly cut the beards and the hair of Amish men and the hair of women last fall. I cannot believe anyone would have the audacity to cut a woman's hair much less a man's because of how they view their religious beliefs. This is totally ludicrous and I cannot believe anyone would have the nerve to do such a thing. This appears to me that it goes back to the Dark Ages. The attacks were motivated by religious differences according to authorities.

This is one act that in my belief is horrendous and I think the suspects, if charged, should be punished to the maximum if they're convicted. What in the world is wrong with people in our society today? This is a free country and we're offered freedom of religion and there's people like these suspects who go around and do such terrible things to people who are living out their lives. This is one cruel act that was performed because of people's religious beliefs.

According to the article prosecutors say some of the suspects forcibly cut the beards and hair of Amish men and the hair of women last fall.

The article stated some of the defendants face prison terms of 20 years or more if convicted. It indicated that the defendants have turned down plea bargains that would have carried much shorter sentences.

I'm wondering how these defendants will feel if they're found guilty and they're place in prison and when the prison officials cut their hair? I'm hoping they'll feel just like the Amish felt when their hair was cut; thus, robbing them of their religious beliefs, their dignity, and their self-esteem.

The article also indicated that the group's leader, Samuel Mullet Sr., contends that they should be allowed to handle what they see as internal church disciplinary matters.

I do hope that justice will prevail for these Amish people and they will see those punished to the extent possible for what they've had to endure.