Analysts Said Apple is Unlikely to Lunch TV products

Sanford Bernstein analyst Toni said in a report on Friday, Apple TV was not likely to launch the TV product.

In the past month, some signs showed that Apple may launch the TV product. For example, in Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs Biography", Steve Jobs has mentioned that he had resolved the problem of how to master cloud computing TV. Useful tip: dvd to avi mac free. In addition, industry believes that Apple's voice assistant service Siri can be used in TVs to replace the remote control.

However, Sacconaghi's opposite view. He said in his report: "TV viewing experience has been very mature, and Apple has some technical elements to promote innovation. We believe that Apple can achieve this innovation by launching set-top boxes, such as the Apple TV 3.0, rather than launch a complete TV product."

He also said, Sanford Bernstein expects that the revenue of global tablet TV market in 2012 will be 112 billion Dollars, but the market will decline, and the profit is low. Hot click: dvd to mkv. In addition, Apple's innovation which can be carried out can be achieved by connecting to users' existing TV set-top box.

Sacconaghi thought that even if Apple can get some of the content's copyright, its share in the global tablet TV market will be 3% at most, that is, selling 800 million units. Apple could gain the same amount of profit by selling three times of Apple TV set-top box at 1 / 6 of the price.