As in our culture' the late grand parents are remembered for their good works" but it is just to hide own weakness as a ruler one uses media to blame & down grade the "star "ruler of yesterday ie Indira as to why?

In Indian politics every action is performed matters little may hurt any other but hiding non appreciable work of its own just to side track the people that the present pitiable condition is not due to them but has been left in leaguesy due to other rulers bad working. Theefore such parties take the help of media and those of historians with their limited knowledge about the Star Like Indira Gandhi and thus complle commetti and issue books for distribution to miss guide the followers about their being rootedout of the course of election and their reputation to be the follower of the old organization that has been rulng for decades and now being ruined of by their own short comings. as folows; At first they have no time to follow spefic living standards and rules of the party, which asks for the general servics and to the poor- now named as AM ADMI and to improve the living standard of every body but not for the rich to make them more rich as has been doing now and lavishing on one side abnut not caring for the other ones as sufferinf in hunger and in bad health.. But they still hope that they would have got the majority to rule in the name of the party that was once upon a time was dear to all. Their purpose now as a party is to win the election only and promise to the public that those work done previously by their leader like Indira may not be repeated.. They have forgotten that in Hindustani culture it is said that one should always learn good works of the deseased grand parents and ;bloat over them only. ..