Asian Longhorn Beetles... Roasting on an Open Fire!

CAUTION : Please be sure that you thoroughly research your insects before considering eating them. Have an expert determine what type that you have and whether it is edible or not.

I have seen many programs about nature, survivor foods, etc. and been intrigued. I've never eaten bugs that I know about....

We split some wood up today for the outdoor fire pit and found some beetle larvae. These larger pieces have been sitting around in our wood pile for months now... I felt like it was time to try eating them!!!

Background: We've experienced a drought and then had the damages from Hurricane Ike. Many trees and powerlines were downed at the time. I remember when us helping our cancer survivor neighbor chop the trees down over the last several years and we did see these before. He took them to be identified to a local expert. They are edible and kill many thousands of trees around the world yearly.

Today we took a walk on the wild side and broke out the skewers! I roasted the first two for me and my teen son to try out. Then we split another piece of wood into smaller chunks awhile later and found more larvae. We added garlic salt this time and roasted away. I was able to convince my father to eat one!

Now for the details: You should put them on the skewer in such a way that either the entire body is pierced or it is pierced twice or more (like a shrimp). As you pierce it, the sawdust poop comes out of the digestive tract. That's a good thing so as to simplify the process. Then you roast for a few minutes and cut off the mouth parts. Allow it to cool and enjoy! They taste like lean pork or whatever seasonings you add. The texture is like a shrimp basically.

I have no idea how these insects made their way down here, but hope that no more trees are infected than what we've come across thus far. This has been an interesting experiment that tasted pretty good.