It's Awkward Family Photo Time! Snooki and Jionni Pose with Baby Lorenzo

Lorenzo appears to have slept his way through his first photo shoot with mom Snooki. Thank goodness for that!
-Lucia Peters,

It was inevitable: Now that Snooki's little meatball, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, has been on the planet for more than a week, she and fiancé Jionni LaValle are releasing a set of super posed photos of their new family. Awkward and uncomfortable? Sweet and adorable? You tell us!

The full photo spread, which was shot on September 1, will be available for all of us to gawk at in this week's issue of People, due out on Friday. In the meantime, though, MTV has gotten a hold of a sneak peek, giving us our first non-Paparazzi look at Baby Lorenzo. To be fair, it's a surprisingly tasteful photo; true, Snooki is wearing leopard print, but a) at least it's a little less tacky than the usual Jersey Shore animal print getup, and b) thank goodness she didn't put baby Lorenzo in a matching leopard print onesie. Jionni's role in the photo seems to be to provide a pop of color, because of course it wouldn't be a photo of Snooki if there wasn't a piece of hot pink something somewhere in the picture.

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MTV is currently asking who we think Lorenzo looks like more, Snooki or Jionni. Honestly? I can't tell. The kid is a week and a half old. Babies don't really look like anything (other than babies, that is) for a while, so I think it's a little too soon to be playing that game. Don't you?

Anyway, Lorenzo appears to have dozed his way through the shoot, which is probably just as well; maybe his lack of concern about the cameras means that he'll be able to handle life in a fishbowl. We hope for his sake that it does!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfdential's associate editor.

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