9 Baby Products Adults Can Use

Courtesy of ManufacturersMommy and baby products are all the rage but also super expensive. Take a look at these old school baby products that are still amazing for you!

By Krystyna Chavez

1. Aquaphor
This baby safe ointment has so many features. Use it to regulate the moisture in your skin, shorten healing time, and also help with acne, dry skin, or minor burns. Pretty much any skin issue you're having aquaphor can help you out. Definitely a must have!

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2. Aveeno Oatmeal Bath
This wash is great for people with sensitive skin or allergies. It leaves your skin feeling great and the oatmeal will work wonders for you!

3. Baby Lotion
Lotion is essential and should be used daily, but baby lotion has a way of taking your skin back years! The smoothness and moisture is so great, and Aveeno's has oatmeal which helps hydrate skin more without the grease.

4. Baby Oil
Baby oil is one of those items you never realize has so many uses. Try putting it on your body after you shower or using it as a eye makeup remover. You can also put it on your legs when you shave to smooth skin and lessen irritation. On a night in have your boo give you a massage, it will feel phenomenal!

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5. Baby Powder
Baby powder is the gift that keeps giving. You can use it to help set your makeup, be it foundation, eyeshadow, or lipstick. Also great when you get out of the shower as a body powder that will keep you fresh all day. Another use is sprinkling on your sheets to keep them smelling good or in your shoes as a foot powder. The ultimate help however is using baby powder as dry shampoo to help when your hair is oily, and you can get a bottle small enough to take in your bag.

6. Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are handy to have around the house you never know what tiny messes you'll have. Perfect for when you're doing makeup to remove excess from hands or as a makeup remover. To make them more potent feel free to add a little makeup remover to the pack for extra help. These can also be used as an alternative feminine wipe, but stick to unscented to not irritate skin.

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7. Badger Baby Balm
This balm will nourish and moisturize skin without leaving it super greasy. Try it on your heels, cuticles, or elbows to keep them smooth. The chamomile is wonderful to help with skin conditions and anywhere that is itchy or dry.

8. Mustela Facial Wipes
These wipes are great as a makeup remover. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, and if you don't wear makeup you could freshen up midday or after a workout.

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9. No More Tangles
Don't knock it before you try it! You may think No More Tangles can't handle your mane but you'd be surprised. This spray conditions as it detangles and doesn't leave any residue on your hair. It also helps with breakage and smells great!

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