Batkid: The Story of a 5-Year-Old Who Took Over San Francisco

Photo by: Patricia Wilson
Batman and Batkid start their day of crime-fighting by hopping into their Batmobile. (Source)
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Photo by: Patricia Wilson
Batman and Batkid start their day of crime-fighting by hopping into their Batmobile. (Source)
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Mon, Nov 18, 2013 8:38 PM EST
There are countless posts all over the Internet that pledge to "restore your faith in humanity." The story of a 5-year-old cancer patient named Miles who became Batkid for a day truly will do just that.

Miles, whose family lives in the Bay Area, has been battling leukemia since he was 2 years old, more than half his short life. He's in remission, and hopefully will stay that way.

Miles loves Batman, and his parents wrote to Make-A-Wish asking for them to help turn their son's fantasy of crime-fighting into a reality - or as much of a reality as possible. Amazingly, the foundation took on the family's request, and with the help of social media, they were joined by thousands of volunteers and supporters who wanted to help make the little boy's dreams come true.

Miles, dressed in uniform as Batkid, spent the day on Friday, November 16 traveling throughout the city of San Francisco - we mean Gotham - stopping The Riddler and The Penguin as thousands of people cheered him on. He rode in a Batmobile, and was given a key to the city by the mayor.

Everyone was enchanted by Batkid, and helped the fiction become more and more real. President Obama gave a shout-out to the tiny superhero, and the U.S. Attorney's office even released a fake press release indicting The Riddler and The Penguin for kidnapping and conspiracy.

Several of the actors who have played the superhero on the big and small screen, including Michael Keaton, Adam West, Christian Bale, and soon-to-be-Batman Ben Affleck, have even expressed their support of Gotham's tiniest hero.

The plan was to give a little boy, one who had been through so much, a day of joy. Everyone who participated in Batkid's exploits, or watched them from the sidelines, on the livestream, or on Twitter (where #SFBatkid was a trending topic), was able to experience the same joy that comes when people come together to do something wonderful for someone else.

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