Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin and Hair

So your skin and hair are suffering from a bout of dried out, dulled down blues? Winter's harsh climate is likely the culprit. After all, chilly dry air and hours spent indoors aren't conducive to glowing or healthy-looking skin. Fortunately, there ways to make your skin and hair look just as great as they do in the summer. Start spring with a fresh new look!

Moisturize skin daily
You know how skin looks dewy and plump in the warmer months? A large reason skin looks so great during summer is because of the extra moisture in the air (and to think you curse humidity)! Dry air means less moisture is absorbed into the skin. If that weren't bad enough, dry air also pulls some of your skin's moisture out. To combat this, you must moisturize your skin at least once a day. I also recommend using a body oil within 15 minutes of your shower. Don't skimp on water or other hydrating beverages like Lipton Hot Black Tea.

Exfoliate skin weekly
Have you ever brushed your cat or dog's hair? If so, you know just how much hair can be removed in a single session. Liken that to the dead skin particles that sit on your own skin. A simple wash is effective to some point, but you must exfoliate at least once a week if you want skin that truly glows. Removing dead skin buildup helps the rest of your skin function as it should, which means fewer blemishes and a brighter complexion. Use a coarse exfoliant for your body and a gentle exfoliant for your face. If you want to DIY, just add some sea salt to your regular body wash and granulated sugar to your face wash.

Deep condition hair weekly
Hair suffers the same way your skin does during the dry, winter season. Shampoo and condition per usual, but also deep condition at least once a week. You can buy a deep conditioner or create a DIY version. I recommend a basic hot oil treatment (olive oil or coconut oil is best) massaged into the scalp and left on for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Protect your hair daily
Deep conditioning is one way to get stronger, shinier hair during the winter. In addition, use a heat protector any time you blow dry, curl or flat iron. I also recommend a hair serum before heading out the door. This will tame flyaways and protect your hair from nature's elements.

Fake it a little bit
Sometimes you do have to fake it a little bit, especially when it comes to your skin. Every woman in the world should own a facial illuminizer and a body lotion with a hint of sheen to make skin appear dewy and healthy. If you miss your summer tan, skip the tanning booth and wear a bronzer and/or spray tan. Your body will thank you in 20 years.