How to Become a Notary in Washington State

Here is a topic that is rarely discussed anymore: Notary Publics

Yes, yes! Remember when you had to get all types of things notarized for business and as well as personal purposes? Working in administration one of the Secretary's were ALWAYS required to be a notary. Then, if you needed to have something personal notarized you could go to your bank and they would take care of it for you...

Well, it's so rare now to even hear the word Notary much less need much so, I thought well this could be a very good business to go I Googled Notary Publics in my area and what did I get? Very few...

UPS offers Notary services!

The most promising was UPS which would notarized a document for $10.00 plus tax. So if you needed to notarized 4 letters by 4 different people that would be $40.00 plus tax. Additionally, each individual would have to be physically present (per Washington state laws), have valid identification and sign the letters in the presence of the Notary. After which she would verify the signature and stamp her seal upon the document and enter this transaction into her record for her documentation. This is how it's done, legitimately and seriously.

Becoming a Notary for Washington State

So, as I do believe in having licenses are a great way to generate additional revenue streams, I researched going into business as a Notary for the state of Washington. No problem.
Pay the state fees with one caveat; a $10,000 Surety Bond. For the fun of it I contacted After approximately 5 minutes I had a bond number and was waiting for my confirmation email. With this I could print my bond and submit my application to the State of Washington to become a Notary. Wonderful!!

Next, the Department of Licencing for the State of Washington's website makes it a snap to get your Notary license. It's a win/win situation for everyone concerned:
1. Professional services for residents and citizens
2. Income for the licensee
3. Revenue for the State of Washington budget

How much does the entire process cost? Here is the breakdown:

Surety bond cost is $100.00 for 4 years. Application with the State of Washington is $30.00. (See for application and other information.)

NOTE: Before you start sending any money to any company or agency - check the Better Business Bureau at The Surety company covered by this blog entry is BBB Accredited and in good standing. There are no complaints filed against them... see their review at the following link -

One issue: Refunds, Surety Bond

If you want a refund for your surety bond through Well, they are issued through Liberty Mutual which takes a while to process but once done a paper check will be issued...I went through this process myself....I paid with my MasterCard just so you know. Seven to Ten business days is what should happen with a payment by check, remember those?

In our modern times the best customer service can process a refund back to your account in 24 to 72 hours. I was able to get in touch with Josh at Surety Bonds who confirmed that Liberty Mutual will process a check for my refund. Will that include a fee? Since they are processing a paper check I am certain it will..I am very thankful to Josh for his help in my research on this topic.

At the end of the day

To become a Notary in the State of Washington is an easy process to generate more income for you and your family in our current economy!