Becoming Older Age

I have to make some kind of comments and of course humor about working and making it America as a single man. I always thought as I was growing up that if you worked and got a house with a nice women life would as they say be rosey. Well that all changed when my wife diviored me in 2007 and married some rich younger dude that had no clue how my fomer wife really is about many things including life itself. Having said that I know many single older people can look in the mirror and see the changes that have incurred sometimes lots of pain and while others make you smile while feeling good inside. I really had a major life change when I turned fourty and one of my now ex-girlfriends that I sometimes still see said to me you know your not young anymore. With this statement she added it is going to be progressively harder to get any good pretty woman any age to want you because they look at you as gramps (Grampa) and your old enough being fourty something to totally be of no interest to any female because your way too old. Well I had to swallow my toungue and just nod to her ugly comments mean while I was seething inside about her awefull comments about my supposedly lack of female interest in me. To make matter worse one woman I know who is sometimes called a friend of mine along with her cross dressing husband slash punk rocker thinks no women in her right mind would ever want me because I am a old man ast age fourty three. So as I look in the mirror with a view of myself I see age related changes that never used to be there before. But I do see things like white hair,lines in my skin that seemily pop out of no where but for the most part I can still out hike (walk) anyone in both distance. I can still out pedal bike most anyone in mileage not to mention swimming included so I think that I am in better healh than most my age. I don't think that is bad considering that I have some nagging health problems that I have had from a life of hard physical labor jobs that I have done my whole life since age 4 years old.. So as compared to many people in my age bracket who are near death or a nursing home i think I have faired pretty well and I still can get up in the morning in which sometimes laugh about my past lifetime but allways really know I have never had it easy life. It is funny what age does to one self and how that old word wisdom really kicks you in the head as you are looking in the mirror on the wall in your bedroom just seeing your past combined with trying to be optomistic about your future. I know that I am sort of seemily talking about three different subjects here but as a single man of fourty something age I think too many of my blog readers can really understand where I am coming from due to their own lifes issues combined with of course age related problems as both men and women. For some reason that even now I still don't understand turning fourty is just a real turning point in many peoples lives as I know it sure effected me in so many ways that I am still trying to understand about myself. trying to figure out this whole subject of getting older combined with how the world views me being fourty three age. I see now so many of my fellow friends that I grew up with and myself included that now are turned down for employment, marriage combined with so may other parts of life due to age related descimination. Funny thing is I woke up a few weeks ago thinking why is it my youth is so easily gone combined with people now treat me as over the hill gang as my granny used to describe to me that was her saying about getting old. My granny had it right in so many ways at age ninety just a year before she died as I now can see a lot of her viewpoints. Yes, getting older is a blessing and a curse at the same time as my granny used to point out to me, but it has some serious drawbacks that have to be well managed. By combining good health exercise,humor,good diet you can beat back the effects of aging older while maintaining good lilong life. The other thing is really keeping your sense of humor combined with useing it frequently to offset the real facts that most or all of the people you loved both friends and family have all died so your the only one left living. I can sure see and feel that now even though I am in my fourties since I do see how women strive to not want me as a man including marriage possibilities combined with most of my friends don't call me anymore. Then most of my family is dead,planted so this does not leave you with much of a support network or for a matter of fact anyone to talk to every day of life. So goes my granny in her comments on age since now I know what she was warning me about that this will eventually happen to you, so you had better be prepared for this event. Fact is that one day your going to wake up really realizing your all alone with your own thoughts and in life comined with the fact your the last of your Moheagans. My dear mother used to call it athe last of the Moheagons after the old hollywod balck and white movie that she used to so lovingly descibe in great detail. She used to talk about it frequently herself what it is to have almost no one left in your life and how lonely it really is to be old while really realizing your biological clock is running out of time combined with energy. Gee, My mother is so right about age issues because that day has passed in my life record book when I turned fourty as it started actually happening a little before that I started noticing the changes in my life. So you go to your job with people treating you funny like just your crippled even though your not and your passed over for a raise or a highr level position just because your older. This is what getting older really means that your not considered useful as a worker,human being which is really strange but is all part of old age. So, I guess what I am trying to say is getting older can be great if you don't let your body go down hill combined with keeping your sense of humor allways with you. By trying hard to look forward combined while not looking backwards at your life very often you will become a better person all the way around. These effecting changes in yourself combined with others as you age older than other people who are younger and less experianced than you are in life can bring new meaning of joy and happyness to your old tired self.