What Your Birthday Says About You on a Date

By Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe

What Your Birthday Says About You On a DateWhat Your Birthday Says About You On a DateEdith at The Hairpin posted a link to YOUR BIRTHDAY PERSONALITY TUMBLR, which allows you to tantalizingly learn about yourself based on the day you were born, and, even more tantalizingly, check your sexual compatibilities with other birthdays.

(My birthday is June 25 which means I am creative, empathetic, and sensitive! But also insecure, inconsistent, and oversensitive, so, in other words, definitely someone you want to date. The tumblr claims I am especially attracted to people born between Feb 20th and March 20th which led me to do a frantic Facebook graph search based on March birthdays, and ….eh? I could take them or leave them.)

[Birthday Personality]

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