This Blind Teen Girl Can’t See Beyoncé, but She Got to Sing with Her!

Just because 13-year-old Sophie Kotkis can't see, it doesn't mean she can't enjoy Beyoncé live.

The pop star recently performed in Perth, Australia on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Right before launching into her hit single "Irreplaceable," she crouched down to the edge of the stage where Sophie, who is legally blind, was standing - a hard thing to do while wearing heels and a glittery bodysuit!

As seen in video from the concert, the pop star brought the mic to Sophie and asked her to sing along with her. She even dedicated the song to the teen girl.

This wonderful moment was seven months in the making. Sophie's older sister Ellie made a video about her younger sibling, and how she wanted to bring her to a concert to see her favorite singer, Beyoncé.

"She's never really been able to go to a concert due to logistical reasons so I made a video about Sophie," she said. "Even with everything that she's been through, she's been able to do so much. She raised over $1,000 for people with multiple sclerosis at the Runamuck (for the MS Society). I put that all in the video and I just said that I think someone as amazing as Sophie deserves to meet someone as amazing as you (Beyoncé)."

The video was made with the help of children's charity Hope For Children, who helped get it to Beyoncé. Though Ellie and Sophie knew they'd be attending the concert, they had no idea the pop star would put the spotlight on Sophie.

"I told my mum that I got a kiss from Beyoncé!" Sophie exclaimed after sharing a moment with the star. Only you and Jay-Z, girl!

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