Brides: What You MUST Pack in Your Wedding Day Clutch

By Mandy C,

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As brides, we're told numerous times that it's best to designate someone- the maid of honor, a day-of coordinator- to handle things like taking over your cell phone to field calls from vendors and lost relatives (who really wants to talk to Aunt Linda 30 minutes before the ceremony and explain how to get from the hotel to the venue?), hold your money for tips, and be in charge of important documents that are needed on the big day. Sure, that's doable for laid back, go-with-the-flow brides (and more power to them!), but for those of us who...ahem...need to exercise some sort of control on this particular day, it's best to carry around a small bag or clutch with all of your wedding day essentials. Here are the three things you must pack in your bridal clutch.

1. Phone Numbers and Schedule

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Go ahead and hand over your cell phone to your best gal, but in case there's a slight vendor emergency, it's best to have a backup that you can easily access. And hey- you can always pass the info off to your designated person should you need it!

2. Tissues

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Or, for a prettier picture, a handkerchief. Bonus if it's an heirloom or something you had embroidered with your new initials! Whether you use it for the tears you may shed while you're getting ready (you know we cry over everything as brides), to blot your lipstick, or to wipe the sweat off your brow (or armpits- it happens!), a handkerchief or tissue will always come in handy. Besides, do you really want to use a borrowed hanky?

3. Gum, Gloss and Goodies

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While keeping lipstick in your clutch seems like a no-brainer, we recommend clear lipgloss instead. What if you got the jitters and dropped your tube of the perfect shade of not-so-pale pink while you were doing a touch up? The horror! Clear lipgloss will give your pout a boost and will be less noticeable if happen to have a case of the butter-fingers that day. Chew gum to alleviate some of the nerves before the ceremony and freshen your breath- just remember to spit it out before you walk down the aisle! And the goodies? Maybe include a piece of chocolate or a pack of almonds, just to give yourself a jolt of energy should you need it while getting ready.

What will you carry in your wedding day clutch?

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