Britney's massive legal fees mean it's time for Daddy Spears to sell cars

Court commissioner Scott Gordon ordered Britney Spears to give ex-hubby Kevin Federline $375,000 to cover his legal fees in their child custody case. With K-Fed making dough just to celebrate his birthday in Vegas and a recent alleged $2000 tip on a restaurant bill, we hardly feel it's fair for her to give him money to take her kids away, but perhaps it's for her own good. Besides, no matter what happens, Britney rakes in around $700,000 a month just for being Britney. Not bad! To save up more cash, Spears' dad, Jamie, was also granted permission to sell some of her cars-she's currently got nine of them. With sometime "manager" agreeing to keep his distance for a month and an upcoming sitcom appearance on How I Met Your Mother, Brit could be on the up-and-up.